Seaborne Floating Properties

Your very own, floating, piece of paradise

We are talking about spectacular lifestyle, functionality, and positive environmental impact.

Let your imagination run wild, your very own floating home, resort community, Restaurant, Café, Resort Yacht Club, School, Office, Marina Houseboat, or service needs, whatever your dream is, we have the ultimate designs for you, and can also customize as your wish desires.

All designs are built to yachting standard, at a fraction of the price, with high quality furnishing, and design living, for whatever you wish to own.

Early morning coffee on the waterside deck, what a way to start the day. Sun sets to live for, connecting with passionate other owners, the mesmerizing views, and the creative clarity are just a few of the gems you can experience while floating on water.

Welcome to Seaborne Floating solutions.
A high-end luxury building system based on LEGO technology.

All parts fit into a 40ft container ready to be assembled, perfect for transportation and allowing for affordable pricing.

The floating solutions are designed by a team of naval architects, marina developers and yacht builders, the perfect combination for excellence.

TB Marine, a Norwegian Technology group has partnered with world leading companies to create and develop a full range of on and offshore luxury floating designs. We deliver with hydrogen or electric systems, connected to H2 ocean refueling stations and powered by solar and water chargers.

This means environmental and sustainable fueling becomes a real value add.

High end production is being established in both Asia and Europe for maximum delivery demands complete with sales support and after sales service needs.

Production is planned for January 2022.

Join us as we navigate a future, floating in your very own piece of paradise.