Atlantis 800/360


Fiskebåt 8 meter
Lengde 7950 mm
Bredde 3600 mm eller 4000 mm

Bygget er spesifikasjoner fra Nordisk Båtstandard for yrkesbåter/fiskebåter


-4 cushion (flexible engine mountings) ISOFLEX
-water lubricated shafting with GRP stern tube Tides Marine SureSeal System
-flexible coupling
-wet exhaust system with waterlock , gooseneck and transom exhaust connection
-fuel system with additional fuel filter
-stainless steel fuel tanks 2 X 420 ltr = 840 ltr with fuel level sensor in each tank
-electric and manual shut-off valves on each tank
-fuel filler with filling pipe and breather line on each tank
-pipeline – connector beetwen 2 tanks with shut-off valves
-hydraulic steering system  : one pump in wheelhause , one pump in second  station on deck on starboard , cylinder , by-pass valve , nylon hose ,  emergency steering
-natural ventilation of engine room with air trunk in deck house finished with stainless cap 1,8 m above deck
-companion stainless steel ladder in deck house
-electric bilge pump 90 ltr/min with automatic switch
-deck water pump with electromagnetic coupling on the engine 120 ltr/min
-bilge stainless steel pipe system with valves
-cooling water strainer with a transparent cover
-4 LED lights

-whole 10 cm thermal PU foamed insulation
-bilge well with electric bilge pump 90 ltr/min with automatic switch
-aluminium hatch

-captain seat
-control console with hydraulic steering pump , wheel , engine panel , compass and other instruments
-4 windows
-5/6 neck hot air ventilators
-5 switch panels
-3 bilge pump panels
-4 LED lights
-2 windscreen wipers
-silling ventilator mushroom type
-2 persons table and seat
-cookroom with gas-cooker , sink
-complet of gas instalation
-outside locker for gas bottle
-40 ltr water tank with deck filler , breather line and pump to the sink
– stainless steel aerial mast with navigation lamps and horn

– companion stainless steel ladder to the sleeping room
– companion stainless steel ladder to the escape/emergency hatch
-2 beds with mattress
-bilge well with electric bilge pump 90 ltr/min with automatic switch
-3  LED lights

-5 stainless steel cleats
– escape/emergency hatch on bow deck
– second  steering station on deck
-gate in starboard
-2 stainless steel mooring pipes on stern board
-2 stainless steel hawse pipes on bow deck

-3 pieces 12 V socket
-3 pieces 230 V socket
-4 Li-Jo batteries
-main switch of curr