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Marine Solution was founded in 2008

The many tasks of Marine Solution are almost covering the complete specters of nautical and marine testing and servicing. This testing includes calibration, certification, service and assistance to builders, flag state, classification and owners.

We have participated in more than 300 new-buildings on a world wide basis, this including complete sea trials and documentation.

Focus by all our colleagues on health, safety, environment and quality is vital to maintaining and improving the company’s competitiveness. Our clients continue to stipulate steadily stricter requirements concerning precision and safety, both offshore and onshore.

We are aiming to comply with the governing regulation in all corners of the world and to comply with all requests from authorities and class societies also including clients and third parties we do business with.


  • Sea Trail’s worldwide locations regardless of type of vessels
  • Sea Trail Planning, Execution and Documentation
  • Bollard pull specialists
  • DP trails and adjustment
  • DP FMEA trails and certification
  • AHTS “Anchor Handling Vessels” trails, calibration and certification regardless of size and max bollard pull.
  • ROV, ROMV, OSCV types vessels testing
  • Certification, installment and adjustment of magnetic compasses
  • Ship Inspection for owners and third parties for purchase and or sale.
  • Ship QA – SMS System design
  • Ship assessment for ISPS
  • Ship deliveries for clients or owner
  • Marine Crew supplier
  • Marine Crew & Officer Training and Assessment
  • LNG Building & Design assistance and support.
  • Dry-Docking planning, supervision and management
  • Newbuilding Management teams complete process
  • Service and repair of : Engines, thrusters, switchboards, automation system.
  • Supplier of all types underwater services
  • Supplier of marine electronic and automation systems including testing.
  • Port Operational Support in Brazil
  • Ship Automation Drawing Assessment and Reports
  • LNG Building & Design assistance and support
  • LNG Safety courses
  • LNG Operator courses engineering


Oslo and Aalesund


Rio de Janeiro